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1) Watch This Quick Dashboard Tour / Demo Video


Compliance is critical, so you must get explicit consent before importing phone numbers. Check out our guide on landing page compliance:

First message confirmation text:

Importing Contacts

Then when you're ready to get contacts into Roezan, there are lots of options. Here's how to do it:

2) Message Deliverability

Kind of like email, SMS also has spam filters, but this is mostly done on the carrier side (vs. the client).

It's very important to make sure your messages are not spammy, as they can be "carrier filtered" which means that your messages will just simply not get delivered.

And here's the double whammy: You still get charged if your messages are carrier-filtered. (Not because of Roezan, but because of the carriers!)

So follow these best practices to make sure you don't get filtered (don't worry they are easy!)

Our Underground Playbook to Avoid Carrier Filtering

3) Segments & Credits (How Billing Works)

When writing messages you'll want to consider how many credits you're using.

SMS / Text messages are based on "segments." 

Generally speaking, every ~160 characters is a segment. If you go over this limit, it will be sent as 2 segments, and therefore take 2 credits. This can essentially double your costs, so you want to make sure you're doing it intentionally!

When sending a broadcast, we calculate the approximate credits used:

More on credits and billing:


If you are using any personalization like Firstname, keep in mind this field will vary in length. You'll want to leave a little extra room for variation when sending messages so you don't accidentally double your spend by going over 160 characters with the personalization!


Emojis are special characters and are NOT counted as 1 character. They often can bump your segments to multiple.

We suggest either not using emojis, or limiting their use for best deliverability!

MMS (Pictures etc)

You can also send MMS which is 3 credits.

Getting High ROI

You should be able to get excellent ROI on your SMS, here's some considerations:


4) For Big Senders: Understand SMS Throughput

Are you sending large broadcasts of 2k+ contacts? 

If they are time-sensitive, it's very important to understand SMS throughput or your messages may not be delivered in time!

We can help fix this for you.

For example, by default toll-free is 3MPS (3 message segments per second).

A broadcast of 2,000 will take ~11 min to send, so if it's time-sensitive, please contact us and we can help you dramatically upgrade your sending speed!

Here is an illustration of MPS based on segments and how long they will take (based on the default 3MPS)

If you are planning to send large, time-sensitive broadcasts, let us know!

Important: We offer a 20+MPS (nearly 20X faster than 10DLC) at NO additional cost on our "Hero Plus" 200k messages a month plan. 

4) Book A Call With Us

Lastly, one of the best ways to really get started is to just book an onboarding call with us.

We'd love to help you in any way we can.

We often help with:

  • Customizing set up
  • Getting contacts flowing in / imported
  • Integrations
  • Automations
  • General strategy
  • SMS Questions

Book a call with us here.