Every country has different regulations and requirements for sending SMS.

Sending to US & Canada is included with your Roezan toll-free number, and you can optionally provision some international numbers.

Please note that international SMS will incur extra costs (see below).

Currently, we support sending to the following countries:

Pricing for International SMS

Country (Code) 2 Way Extra Registration Phone Number Surcharge Cost Per Message MMS
UK (+44) Yes Required None 1 credit + $0.06 Not Supported*
AU Mobile (+61) Yes Required $8 / month 1 credit + $0.07 Not Supported*


*Note on International MMS - If you send an MMS to one of these unsupported numbers, we will attempt to convert the message to SMS and still deliver the message.

If you have other international messaging needs or questions please message us at support@roezan.com