Every country has different regulations and requirements for sending SMS.

Sending to US & Canada is included with your Roezan toll-free number, and you can optionally provision some international numbers.

Please note that international SMS will incur extra costs (see below).

Currently, we support sending to the following countries:

  • US & CA: Included with your toll-free number
  • UK: Can provision in your account after trial ends
  • AU: Submit additional required compliance info and Roezan support can provision your number

Pricing for International SMS

Country (Code) 2 Way Extra Registration Phone Number Surcharge Cost Per Message MMS
UK (+44) Yes None None 1 credit + $0.06 Not Supported
AU Mobile (+61) Yes Required $8 / month 1 credit + $0.07



If you have other international messaging needs or questions please message us at support@roezan.com