Roezan uses a credit system for text messages. In this article, we'll explain everything you need to know.

What is a credit within Roezan?

One credit is equal to one ~160-character text message.

For every ~160 characters you use, it will count as 1 credit.

So if you go over 160 characters (and less than ~320), it would count as 2 credits (2 segments).

How much is MMS?

1 MMS is 3 credits.

Do unused credits roll over?

Yes, if you do not use all your credits within the billing period, they will roll over to the next month.

Do inbound messages count as credits?

Yes, inbound messages count towards your credits.

What if I go over my allotted monthly credits?

If you use more than your monthly credits, Roezan will continue to work.

You have 2 options:

1. Upgrade your plan before your next billing date:

You can upgrade your plan before the next billing date.

This will :

  • Charge you the difference between your current plan and the upgrade plan, and
  • Add the appropriate credits to your allotment

This is a great option because it is likely the most cost-efficient.

2. Overages

If you keep your current plan and are over on credits usage, the extras will be automatically billed on the next billing date as overages. 

Each plan has different cost-per-credit overages. 

Your credit overages will appear on your next bill as overages and will be charged at the overage rate specified on your plan.

What happens to undelivered messages?

If we attempt to deliver a message that does not go through, you will still be charged because carriers charge us for these messages.

That's another good reason to keep your lists clean and healthy!

One great feature of Roezan is that we do automatic validation in the background for you

This is also another reason why we discourage importing large amounts of contacts.