When someone submits a phone number to Roezan we automatically run a base check to validate if the phone number is real.

Automatic Validation Upon Import

If our system determines the phone is not real or does not exist, then we will automatically opt the phone number out.

This is great because it saves you money on sending messages to phone numbers that do not exist.

This validation is not 100% accurate, however, it's a great basis for making sure you have clean lists.

Automatic Validation Upon Sending

In addition to the above, every time you send a message to a contact we record carrier responses.

If we get a "hard bounce" (meaning phone number doesn't exist, phone number invalid, phone number is a landline etc) we will auto opt them out.

Again, saving you money on SMS that doesn't work!

We are always working to improve this system and keep your costs low.

Note: Opt Out

We also honor all opt-out requests when someone types STOP. We'll automatically unsubscribe them.