As of June 2024 we recently completed a significant infrastructure change for the Roezan platform that should massively improve deliverability and sending speed for users of the Roezan platform on our new Roezan Turbo infrastructure.

What is SMS sending speed / throughput?

SMS Throughput refers to the speed at which messages are sent. When you have large broadcasts and time-sensitive notifications, this becomes extremely important. 

For example, when you're sending a "we're starting now" reminder for your webinar, it's critical that it goes through quickly. If it takes hours, it makes it unusable and will decrease your show up rate (or deliver messages after your webinar already started!)

What is typical SMS sending speed vs. Roezan Turbo?

SMS throughput depends on various factors including what type of number you have, the provider you have, and at times the level of verification you have. 

To give you an idea:

Typical MPS (messages per second)

  • Typical 10DLC Speed = 1 MPS (message per second)
  • Typical Toll-free speed = 2-3 MPS
  • New Roezan Turbo = 20-35+MPS (20X-35X Faster)

Real World Scenario

  • Broadcast to a 20k list on Twilio 1MPS = 5.56 hours 
  • Broadcast to a 20k list on Roezan Turbo 35MPS = 10 minutes

How do I get access to Roezan Turbo / upgraded throughput?

This upgraded throughput is part of our new infrastructure and we've begun moving existing clients over. 

All new accounts are automatically on our new infrastructure.

What is the cost?

Right now, we're offering this at no additional cost!

This allows us to offer something unique above what most providers, at an unbeatable rate!

(This upgrade in the past was offered at a rate of $350 / month or $4k+ per year, so this is a massive savings).

How can I find out more about MPS?

Check out our article here on Why throughput (MPS) matters for SMS.

How can I get started?

Want to get started? Book a call with us here.