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Hi %FIRST_NAME%, thanks for booking a meeting with [Your Brand]! Here's the details to confirm: 

Meeting Name: "%EVENT_NAME%"

Any questions or issues, just reply here!
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1 day before:

Hey %FIRST_NAME%! We've got an appointment scheduled for tomorrow and I wanted to see if there were any questions I could answer or have ready for then? Anything come to mind now? 

1 hours before:

Hey %FIRST_NAME%, just a reminder our meeting starts in 1 hour, at %CALENDLY_INVITEE_START_TIME% We'll be meeting on Zoom. Make sure to set an alarm! Can you reply here real quick to confirm you're going to make it? 

10 min:

Hey %FIRST_NAME%, our meeting "%CALENDLY_EVENT_TYPE_NAME%" is starting in ~10 minutes. We'll be meeting on Zoom, please make sure that you're on a computer in a quiet place so we can help you as much as possible. See you soon! 

5 min:

Hey %FIRST_NAME%, our meeting is starting in ~5 min. You should have the link in your email, but here it is just in case: %CALENDLY_LOCATION% See you soon :)