The conversations tab is the place where you can manage 2-way conversations.

Conversation Message Colors

If the message is green, then it has been sent successfully.

If the message turns red, then there was a delivery issue. This can happen for many reasons including carrier filtering, or having an invalid phone number. See more on deliverability here. You can always send a message to our support if you have any specific questions.

Conversation Status

There are 3 statuses to help you manage your conversations.


These are messages where the last message was inbound. This tab helps you easily see who might need a response. If you respond here, it will automatically move the conversation to pending.


These are conversations where the last message was outbound from a conversation. 

Note: The conversation will stay in the "open" tab if the last outbound message was NOT sent through conversations. This helps make sure you see replies, even if an automated message went out after the contact sent an inbound message. 


If you're done with a conversation you can mark it as "closed" and it will appear in the closed tab.

If the contact responds at a later date, it will automatically move it back into pending.


If you'd like to hide the conversation from all the statuses, you can "archive" it. It can be reactivated at any time by going to the individual contact on the contacts page, and clicking on the conversations button.