Special Note:

This article features a Zapier flow to send SMS messages with Calendly, but we now have a native Calendly integration, so this Zapier flow is no longer necessary.

See our article here about our native Calendly SMS integration.

We preserved the article below for reference.











If you're using Calendly to book meetings, you can add SMS to remind people to show up.

You can send SMS reminders for Calendly events with Roezan by using Zapier. 

Calendly + Zoom + Roezan Zapier Template

The following Zapier template pulls the Zoom meeting link and sends 2 messages:

  • Meeting confirmation message
  • 30 Min warning

You'll want to modify this to plug in your values, modify the message etc.

Calendly SMS Roezan Zapier template

To Set This Up:

1. Connect Your Accounts

You'll need to connect both your Calendy and Roezan account

2. In Zap Step "Invitee Created in Calendly"

Here you'll trigger off the invitee created:

3. In Zap step "Send Meeting Confirmation in Roezan SMS"

You'll format the welcome / confirmation message. Here's an example:

4. In the Zap Step "Format Date -30 Min"

This takes the start date and subtracts 30 min.

5. In the Zap step "Wait Until 30 Min Before Meeting" 

This delays until 30 min before the meeting (it delays until the time set in the previous step)

6. In the last step "Send 30 Min Reminder In Roezan" 

This sends a reminder.

That's it! 

If you have any questions let us know :)


Would you like to see a native Calendly integration in Roezan? Let us know by contacting us!