What is toll-free phone number sender verification?

Toll-free number sender verification is a process that helps reduce false-positive filtering when you send messages.

This is now required industry-wide for all toll-free phone numbers as of late 2022.

Sometimes carriers can block messages from being delivered because they believe it to be spam, unwanted messages, or prohibited content.

This process will help reduce the likelihood that your messages get blocked.

How do I verify my toll-free number?

When you sign up with Roezan, we'll provision you a phone number and ask you a series of questions about your business.

(Don't worry - it's easy and simple)

You'll provide some basic information about your business, message volume, message types etc.

You'll also need to submit an example of a compliant opt-in page - See here for guidelines.

We'll review the information to make sure it looks good, then send it to our carrier partners.

How do I improve my chances of being approved?

Just make sure you fill out the verification form fully and correctly.

Also, make sure you meet all compliance requirements for your opt-in pages.

If you have any questions, please just ask via our support and we'd be happy to help!

Verification Timelines

Verification is something not done by Roezan, but by carrier partners so, unfortunately, we do not have control of the timeline.

For full verification, we have seen typically a turnaround of less than 1 week in 2024. (Previously we experienced much longer wait times).

There are multiple statuses:

Unverified: Number has been provisioned but no information submitted

Pending: Verification info has been submitted to carriers

Verified: Officially verified by carriers

Restricted: Verification was denied / restricted

Once you submit your information to Roezan, we check it over and if it looks good we submit to the carriers.

Limitations On Pending Status

Starting Jan 31, 2024 all toll-free phone numbers with pending status are blocked from sending messages.

Numbers must be fully verified before sending messages. 

(Previously limited sending was allowed during pending status).