Messages in Roezan have 4 different status:


These are messages that we have attempted to send.


Messages that were successfully delivered.


Messages that we have sent, but have not received a response from our carrier partners.

Note: If messages are pending after a significant amount of time, this does not mean anything is necessarily broken. We have sent the messages, we just have not received a response from the carriers so we cannot confirm they were delivered.


These messages were sent, but were confirmed not delivered.

Messages may be undelivered for a number of reasons including:

  • Invalid phone number
  • Landline (undeliverable)
  • Handset unavailable (turned off, out of range)
  • Unknown (we didn't receive a response)
  • Carrier-filtered (if a message is blocked by a carrier, for instance being categorized as spam)

With any decent size list, it's normal to have some messages undelivered for the reasons listed above. However, if there are a large number of undelivered messages, please contact our support and we'll look into the issue.